Mobile Advertising

Advertising is always necessary to help get the word out about your contractor business and the services you can provide. However, that does not mean you have to spend thousands of dollars every year on expensive Yellow Page ads or irrelevant radio advertising. For a much smaller, one-time cost, you could get free advertising all year round by doing something you probably already do — driving your work van or vehicle! By adding effective signage to your van or vehicle, you will increase your chance of getting noticed; the eyeballs could really pile up, depending on how populated your service area is. Some contractors report as many as 20 new customers a month from their vehicle advertising and it is an effective way of maximising your business’s marketing potential. A simple vehicle sign could cost under $100, whereas a professionally designed, full-body van wrap could be as high as $5,000. Try to find the best option based on what you can afford to spend. Remember, you can always upgrade to better signage later down the road. Even if you use your own personal van and not a company van on the job, you can still take advantage of the natural advertising space on your vehicle. Try using non-permanent lettering that is either magnetic or made of sticky plastic so that it can easily be removed if necessary, without damaging your vehicle.

Where to put your message

As for placement, we recommend placing sign lettering on the back of your van cab window or tailgate. This is the most common part of the van that potential customers will see. If you want to go above and beyond, place lettering on the sides of your van as well. If you plan to use a more expensive van wrap, it will typically cover the back of your van and both sides as well. Also, make sure that your vehicle signage is big enough and the message is short enough to be fully effective. For example, some contractors put their full company name and website address on a tiny, 12-inch, magnetic sign they ordered from an online printer. Since the sign is too small, and there are too many words and letters, these are simply a waste of money and will rarely be effective as an advertising medium. Instead, try keeping it simple with a one- or two-word message stating what service you can provide, along with your phone number.
For example: “ROOFING – 0412 345 789” would get a much better response than “Local Town Roofing Service Inc. –” Finally, make sure that the phone number you list on your vehicle sign is a mobile or office phone that can be answered 24 hours a day. As you can imagine, most people who see your sign and call are probably doing so on an impulse. They might be driving in traffic and not have time to write down the number, and they might not leave a message if you don’t answer. You could easily lose out on five to 10 new customers a month if you are not able to answer the phone immediately when your impulse customer calls. All in all, vehicle advertising is a very effective and affordable way to get more customers using only your work van. For the best results, find a balance between your budget and the most effective tips I have shared with you, and you will see a nice return on your investment for years to come.

Huge thanks to Aaron O’Hanlon.