Five tips for making your Christmas leaflet stand out!

Does It feel like you just finished putting away your Christmas tree last week? Well, it’s time to start getting back in the festive spirit. Shopping malls are hanging their Christmas decorations and entire aisles have already been taken over by the red and green. Christmas is well and truly on its way, and it’s time to start your Christmas marketing.

Whether you have been planning since July or haven’t thought about it until today, now is the time to put pen to paper and kick your plan into gear.

Leaflet distribution is always at its prime in the lead up to Christmas. Mailboxes are stuffed with everything from specials at the local butcher through to invitations to the local carols night. Making sure your business makes it from the mailbox to the coffee table or fridge is the hardest step when it comes to traditional marketing.

The team at ADB Print is dedicated to helping you not only get to the mailboxes of your target customers but straight into their homes. We have put together five tips to help make your Christmas leaflet distribution plan have a maximum return on investment.

Do your research

You can’t start planning your advertising until you know exactly who you are targeting. Think about who is most likely to want your product or use your service. Consider their gender, age, likes and dislikes. Once you have decided who you are targeting you will be able to design your advertising specifically for them. This will help increase your chances of getting from their mailbox to their fridges.

Have a strong call to action

Tell people what you want them to do. Keep it simple, clear and be direct. Grab your potential customers attention and then demand action from them. Use strong words like call, buy or visit. Make the call to action urgent to entice people to act right away. Create this urgency by using words like now, today or immediately.

Be different

Look at what your competitors are doing during this season. Are they running storewide sales? Offering discounts on certain services? Try and have a different message from them, and focus on standing out. Offer something that is unique to your business and draw customers in by cutting away from the pack and making your selling proposition stand out.

Use eye-catching images

Just because it is Christmas doesn’t mean you have to cover your leaflet in cartoon Santas, mistletoe, and elves. Stay on brand and use images that promote your product or service in style. Use high-quality images or graphics to make sure you have a professional edge over your competitors.

Keep it simple

Whatever you do, don’t stuff your leaflet with as many things as you put in the roast chicken. The best Christmas lunch is often the simplest and this rings true for marketing as well. Don’t plaster your leaflet in text, images or graphics. Use your strong call to action and minimal eye-catching images to make sure you stand out in a good way.

Are you still overwhelmed by your Christmas marketing plan? Don’t stress! At ADB Print we have an experienced team of designers and marketers to help you create, print and distribute a leaflet that can help bring the Christmas rush to your business.

You have enough on your plate during this season, let ADB Print manage your leaflet distribution so you have more time to worry about what to do with the masses when they start calling.