Leaflet Distribution Gold Coast

Why your flyers didn’t work

Leaflet Distribution Gold Coast

ADB Print has provided Leaflet Distribution Gold Coast for almost 10 years, and have fast become the most reliable and trusted leaflet distribution service for the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Northern NSW.

At ADB Print marketing is our expertise. When you speak with us you will not simply speak with someone who just distributes leaflets! There is no point paying for a service unless you receive the right advice, service and help for your business; and that is EXACTLY what ADB Print and Leaflet Distribution delivers to you.

How Leaflet Distribution Works

Regardless of the quantity, ADB Print can provide you with a reliable leaflet distribution service to successfully market your Gold Coast, Brisbane and Northern NSW business.

We help you decide the best locations to distribute your leaflet, and we can easily design and print them for you, or just distribute them. The choice is yours!

The process is simple. We have a full range of suburbs on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane that we deliver to. We provide you with a map of suburbs and you select the areas you want to market to.

With leaflet distribution being our specialty, we help you target the right customer for your business. Why are we so helpful? Because we want you to experience how powerful leaflet distribution is as a marketing tool and to drive sales (if done correctly, and we DO IT RIGHT!)


Why Advertise With Leaflets?

Advertising with leaflets is a fantastic way to expose your business to thousands of potential customers in a short time.

Leaflets can do the following for your business :

      • Promote your business to your local target market effectively
      • Get your message to mass numbers of target customers
      • An affordable way of brand marketing and lead generation
      • Reach multiple members of one household
      • Instantly market deals and specials to local customers

Don’t forget, the design and message on your leaflet MATTERS. If you are yet to think of a leaflet design that will hit the mark, talk to us about creating an affordable leaflet design for you.


Leaflet Distribution Time Frame & Particulars

Our standard leaflet distribution is the weekend through to the weekend. Flyers must be logged in by Wednesday prior to make this standard delivery week (although we quite often complete print jobs in less time, general printing turnaround times is 3 to 5 days).

One-time advertising efforts are seldom effective. It is a rule of thumb among advertising agency media planners that you need to reach people at least 5 times minimum before they even notice you. Anything less is just wasted effort. That’s why you tend to see the same ads over and over in magazines and on television. So, follow up! We strongly recommend a smaller, repetitive distribution over a larger once-off drop. We print and deliver over 70,000 flyers every month to the same households and it works extremely well! If possible, combine that with other localised advertising, so you reach those homes through a variety of media channels. At the very least, combine door-to-door distribution with posting in public areas where allowed. Community centres, schools, stores and libraries often offer public bulletin boards and get the most out of your advertising dollar.


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