Why your flyers didn’t work

We will help you achieve the best results from your flyers.

Here are the top focus points to achieve the best results from your flyers.

The Director of ADB Print & Marketing has over 10 years experience in this industry and has managed thousands of campaigns for small and medium business owners.

ADB Print and Marketing deliver over 50,000 flyers every month as part of our own marketing strategy. Yes, we practice what we preach


The average person will be exposed to over 2000+ advertising messages every single day.

Why will the reader respond to you?

What makes your advert stand out?

What is in it for them?

Why is the reader going to stop right there in their tracks and respond to your flyer?

Without a decent call to action, you are simply another branding message.

Branding is great but we want an immediate response, ideally.


Are you “just another” carpet cleaner, electrician or gym or are you unique in any way?

Having a great USP can make all the difference in the response to your marketing.

Imagine a carpet cleaner that guarantee’s you will get your bond back or a gym that has a 3-month fitness boot camp where if you do not lose your agreed weight, they give the next 3 months free!

Of course, there will be certain conditions to the offer etc, however, the main aim of your marketing is to generate an enquiry = leads.


Not everyone is a graphic designer. I could buy the best coffee machine money can buy, it does not make me a barista. A good graphic designer has learned and studied their craft. You only ever have one chance at a first impression.

A flyer that is well crafted and engaging to the reader will dramatically increase the chance of them making an enquiry with you.


Who is your perfect client? Build a profile, a prospect avatar.

What is their gender, age, interests?

Do they have children, an expendable income?

Would they be engaging your business to save money or is it a luxury spend?

What is their pain? What are their roadblocks to buying?

Cash an issue? Can you offer finance or an easy payment option?

Your graphic designer will take this information into account when deciding on graphics, images, colours, fonts and general themes when creating the artwork.


Where does your perfect client live?

Where do they hang out?

A little research prior to investing in your campaign will save you money and time.

Google Analytics and Facebook Insights can be extremely helpful in the research of your perfect client geography.


Selecting a smaller region and repetitive leaflet drops will also net you a greater response from the increased exposure.

TOP OF MIND (T.O.M.) marketing is the ultimate goal.

Click here to read more about T.O.M.


Be realistic and set a goal for lead generation from your marketing investment.

Rarely will a $500 investment return you hundreds of leads however a marketing investment that covers all costs and makes you any profit at all is actually a good thing.

FREE marketing is the first goal to set.

Cover all costs first and then focus on making the millions.

Understanding what a client is actually worth is imperative to tracking and gauging results.


  1. A pool shop that drops 10,000 flyers for an investment of $800 needs to know the return of the campaign.
  2. They are offering monthly pool cleans and an average dollar sale will be $75 per clean.
  3. A new client from that campaign is actually worth $75 x 12 (p/month) x (the average number of years) which we will guess at 3 years*
  4. Therefore, that client is actually worth (gross) $75 x 12 months’ x 3 years = $2700.

How many $2700 clients would you expect and or be happy with, from an $800 investment?


For many of your enquirers, the time is not quite right to buy now. They may purely be “window shopping” at the moment. That is fine.

Perhaps offer them to become part of your email database with a guarantee against spamming or overloading their inbox in the future.

Maybe an option could be to LIKE your Facebook page to go into the draw to win a competition or similar?


Always use a reputable company for your print and pamphlet delivery. The cheapest is usually not the best.

Is it really worth trying to haggle over $2 and $3 dollars per 1000 on a 5000 flyer run?

After you have invested $300 on a graphic designer and print run on decent gloss stock, saving $20 to $30 on the actual delivery is pointless if the flyers end up in a creek.

Yes, if you look hard enough you will typically find someone to do anything “cheaper”

Here are a few handy hints when researching a reliable delivery service –

          • Check they actually have a registered ABN
          • Check out reviews on Google+ and Facebook profiles.
          • Check they actually have a website and or online presence at all.
          • Ask what your flyers will be delivered with ie the catalogue’s from the national companies or will it be local private businesses?
          • Ask how many will typically go out for that time of year.
          • Ask how they track and monitor non-delivery claims.



Before we discuss tracking, do you know what you want from your campaign?

Please do not expect sales from the majority of your marketing.

Yes, some campaigns can result in direct sales however most campaigns, if successful, will generate a lead (enquiry) first.

How do you track and measure your results?

The old “we didn’t receive many phone calls” doesn’t really do yourself or the campaign any justice at all.

The majority of leaflets delivered today will be read after typical work hours.

According to an Australia Post Consumer survey, 83% of households that received letterbox advertising material actually brought it into the home and 60% shared it with another household member.

It has never been easier for consumers to research a business, product or service.

Our smartphones are rarely more than 5 metres away from us making it very easy to google search and check out some reviews or even visit a website or Facebook profile.

Accurate tracking is just as important an element as the rest of the campaign.

Google analytics

There is absolutely no reason not to run Google analytics within your website. If your current web developer / digital marketer has not installed this perhaps they do not want you to be able to check results yourself?

Google Analytics is a powerful tracking tool that will give you so much information regarding your demographic, where you are receiving traffic (direct, organic, referral and from social media)

It will show what your visitors were using as search words/phrases, how long they spent on your site and much much much much much much much more!


Call tracking phone numbers

Never has it been easier to run a call tracking number on your marketing streams. These tracking numbers allow a user dashboard that records relevant information (phone numbers, call duration, date and time etc) they even record the phone conversation for training purposes!

Redeemable voucher

An oldie but can still be a goodie if the offer is worth redeeming.

Very few of us will hang on to a redeemable voucher to hand in for a 10% off our next coffee purchase but offer me a FREE coffee and I’ll staple that voucher to my head!

QR Codes

These have become more accepted due to the pandemic.

Word of mouth

Although usually not very reliable, chat to your prospects.

Rather than ask “where they found you” I prefer to ask “if they have ever seen our flyers or perhaps our Facebook page posts”?

This usually jogs their memory rather than them having to remember themselves.


Advertising works.

Advertising through unaddressed mail works.

However, there are certain aspects we can focus on with any marketing campaign that will achieve us better results.

A better return on investment (ROI) is money in your pocket.

Do not always try to reinvent the wheel.

Advice from those with a little more experience will always be worthwhile. Learn from their mistakes and failures rather than learning the hard way.