Old School Marketing Still Works!

From sign spinners to the classic catchy jingle, old school marketing techniques are still being used today to drive home businesses messages to consumers.

Whatever product or service you are offering, old school marketing techniques are still being used today by big and small businesses in every industry.

In a world that seems to be rapidly moving towards becoming solely online, you may believe that your only hope is to join the crowds and focus all (or a majority of) your marketing efforts on the internet. However, some of the most successful marketing techniques have been around long before the internet and continue to thrive in today’s digital climate.

Investing more time and effort into old school marketing techniques, and even implementing them into your digital campaigns, will help you reach an audience that are not online while driving your message home to those who are.

Get into homes

Physical distribution of marketing materials raises immediate awareness for your brand, products, or services. It also gives your potential client a physical product to put on their fridge or in a draw and keep for when they may need to use your services. This gives you a local advantage by getting you into potential client’s homes.

Drive your message home

Even if you are advertising everywhere else, using old school marketing techniques alongside your digital campaigns will help you to drive you message home and keep your business in the forefront of your potential client’s minds. You need to make it easy for people to remember your brand and the products and services you offer. Reach the unreachable. Some people are just simply not online. Old school marketing strategies can help you target an age range and type of audience that are disconnected from the online world.

Stand out

Even though you will be competing with a smaller number of businesses letterbox, you will still be competing for your client’s attention. To make it from their letterbox to their fridge you are going to need to stand out in the crowd. Good design is essential, make sure your advertisement is eye-catching and make your unique selling point loud and clear.

Be consistent

Consistency is key in all advertising, and direct marketing is no exception. A regular distribution service will keep your brand, products, and services in your local client’s minds. This familiarity with your business will stay with your client when they are considering their next purchase, or prompt them to directly react to the promotional material. Whether you distribute weekly, monthly or even bi-monthly, you need to create a campaign plan and keep constant and consistent contact with your potential clients.

Be willing to adapt

Turn a flyer into an email, take the call to action from a banner ad and put it into a social media post. A lot of the content that you were/are using in old school marketing campaigns can be recycled as online marketing material and vice versa.

ADB Print is a leading print and distribution business on the Gold Coast that prides themselves in embracing old school methods while utilising new school technologies.

With extensive advertising design and distribution services, ADB Print has been helping businesses on the Gold Coast grow for almost ten years. Due to their success and the effectiveness of these old school marketing techniques they are looking into expanding their services to Brisbane soon.

Call the team at ADB Print today to discuss how we can help you take a step back in time, reach customers that aren’t online, and drive your message home!

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